Village Evangelism Team

Village Evangelism Team (VET) is saddled with the task of reaching out to villages with the message of Christ. This is achieved by organising house to house evangelism, open air crusades and outreaches in the Villages. We also ensure that those that receive Christ are properly discipled to attain the stature of the fullness of Christ. We also don't neglect reaching out to both villagers and village pastors with material things in Love as well as little developmental projects such as repairing village roads and bridges.

The history of the Team dates back to the early 60's when members of the IVCU visited and preached in villages and even used improvised megaphones from cardboards. It is also worthy of note that the Village Evangelism Team also consisted and still consists of members that were/are unable to speak Yoruba. Some past members also include Bro Gbile Akanni, Prof. B.O. Omitoyin, Pastor Tolu Mala etc.

Village Evangelism Team operates under the IVCU Evangelical arm and meets by 6pm on Tuesday for her unit meetings which is sometimes an exhortation/ Bible study time and other times prayer meetings for converts, villagers and the villages. We also meet by 9am on Saturdays for Follow-up, discipleship and visitation of Converts and village pastors.