Ushering Unit

Ushering unit is one of the numerous units in IVCU and all IVCUites are welcome, having completed your BBC whether male or female.

We show love, share joy and ensure peace. All are gifts given us freely to share by Christ.

Ushering unit!
A wonderful unit that is not all about showing off your wardrobes and shoe racks but given to spiritual preparations for the meetings, teaching timeliness, being tactful, being thoughtful, a formidable team, being sensitive to mention but a few. This does not nolify the fact that we have to look good, neat, smell well etc. We represent Christ in all.

Ushering unit meets on Tuesday by 6.00 pm. We pray, have indept Bible study, discuss our quiet time and individual Bible studies, discuss our observations and check on individual's wellbeing, having it at the back of our minds that we are a family.

Ushering is the unit.
We are ushers working in our own little capacity in the Lord's vineyard.