This is a unit under the *evangelical arm* of the *IVCU*. The unit is in charge of the welfare and well-being (spiritually, physically and emotionally) of people in the hospital, to bring the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ and His redemption work on the cross of Calvary to them, by which they can be partakers of this divine nature in Christ Jesus and also pray for their healing in Jesus Christ's name. And also to the inmates in the prison, to comfort those that mourn, to give beauty for ashes and declare the acceptable year of the Lord. Our call is evangelical, so is our commission and work. We visit for evangelical purpose.

We meet every Tuesday by 6:00pm at the back of chapel, where we pray and get ourselves fortified for the work we are commissioned for.

Our visits are not restricted to these places you can partner or call us for any evangelical purpose of related means as we continue in the course and the commission of our Lord Jesus Christ...

HOSPITALS AND PRISONS , HnP as it is usually called is presently by God's grace visiting the following places: