"My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, i will also reject thee... "

A mind that reads is an informed mind. Visit the colporteur's stand after every service and get one or more of the plethora of great Christian literature books we have in stock just for you, covering topics such as Faith, Healing, Discipleship, Prayer, Academic excellence, Career, Godly relationships and marriage, grace, evangelism, doctrine, etc... all at affordable prices. We also have available Bibles of different versions. Below are the list of books we have at present. You can be sure you'll get these books at affordable prices from us.
Be the colporteur's friend and have your spirit and soul grow.

1) KJV Pocket Bible

2) NIV Bible

3) The Living Bible

4) NLT

5) French Bible

6) Pink KJV Bible

7) MSG Bible

8) Day by Day by Billy Graham

9) God's General (Revivalists) by Roberts Liardon

10) God's Generals (why they succeeded & some failed) by Roberts Liardon

11) Shop Right (Yemi Adetola)

12) Pursuit of God by A.W Tozer

13) The hearing ear (Larry Lea)

14) The Pursuit of Peace (Joyce Meyer)

15) Christian Marriage (Kayode Adesogan)

16) Walking with God (Kayode Adesogan)

17) Standing on the shoulders of giants (Steve Brooks)

18) Praying and planting correct foundation (I.D Lawon)

19) Jewels from E.M Bounds

20) Understanding your place (Myles Monroe)

21) My hatred for Christ & Christianity (O.O Paul)

22) Christian discipleship (Kayode Adesogan)

23) Winning the battles over your children (Sunday Awe)

24) Dealing with faulty foundation (Kemi Okuwa)

25) Practical life of Dominion (Kayode Ojo)

26) The power of meditation (Bode Akindele)

27) Faith, Politics, Challenges

28) Purpose driven life (Rick Warren)

29) School of the spirit (Roberts Liardon)

30) Secrets to spiritual power (Watchman Nee)

31) Like a mighty wind (Mel Ton)

32) Esther; Reflections (Jennifer Spirey)

33) Marvelous Mercy (Robert Henson)

34) Understanding the purpose and power of woman (Myles Monroe)

35) The names of God (Lester Sumrall)

36) The most important person on earth (Myles Monroe)

37) The Pilgrim's progress (John Bunyan)

38) The fatherhood principle (Myles Monroe)

39) Secrets of Watchman Nee (Dova Roberts)

40) Forever (Karen Kingsley)

41) Understanding the Anointing (David Oyedepo)

42) Preparing for Jesus' Return (A.W Tozer)

43) Abide in Christ (Andrew Murray)

44) Spiritual leadership (Honey and Richard Blockaby)

45) Soul winner (C.H Spurgeon)

46) Things I wish I knew before marriage

47) Smith Wigglesworth on Faith

48) The believer's Authority (Kenneth hagin)

49) The spiritual authority

50) Soul winning T.L Osborn

51) Prayers that bring revival

52) The richest man in Babylon

53) The lady, her lover and God

54) Praise and Worship (Myles Monroe)

55) Healing words (Kathryn Kuhlman)

56) Good morning Holy Spirit (Benny Hinn)

57) Battlefield of the mind

58) E.M Bounds on Prayer

59) Secrets to spiritual power

60) How to hear from God

61) The power of a praying wife

62) The nature of God

63) The prayer that changes everything

64) You can begin again

65) Divine revelation of Prayer

66) Love revelation

67) The Holy Spirit

68) Seize the day

69) Spirit-controlled temperament

70) The Holy Spirit may senior partner

71) The normal Christian life

72) Release of the Spirit

73) Bible prayer course

74) Staying full of God

75) Journey into your vision

76) God's plan for your money (Derek Prince)

77) How to be free from curses (Lazarus uchemadu)

78) Wondrous love (D.L Moody)

79) The call (Rick Joyner)

80) Final Quest (Rick Joyner)

81) What God looks for in His vessel

82) The kingdom lifestyle

83) Marital relationship

84) The ministry of intercession

85) Expository thoughts on Mathew

86) Common sense guide

87) Lineage of Grace (Francine Rivers)

88) How to hear from God

89) Heart to heart

90) Bible Study

91) In search of a blessing

92) Shared life

93) God can do it again

94) I dare you

95) Sermon on prayer of Jabez

96) Tempted, Tested, Trusted

97) Communicating the gospel to muslims

98) The Reformed Pastor

99) Humility

100) The spirit of Herod

101) Stop witnessing and start loving

102) Rest

103) Boost your G.P Sam O Salau

104) Love to pray

105) I will glorify you

106) Syncretism (Zachaeus Yisa)

107) True revivals are born after midnight

108) Understanding the anointing

109) Maximizing your potential

110) Lady in waiting

111) Lovers for life

112) Start planting

113) Strength to love

114) Access to the anointing

115) Give me a drink

116) The sins of saints

117) The hearing Ear

118) Raising Godly kids

119) Go for God

120) Secrets of the secret place

121) Bringing in the sheaves

122) The blood of the cross

123) Israel in Jacob

124) Purpose in Prayer

125) War on the saints

126) If not for the grace of God

127) Guide post to revival

128) Why ask Why

129) Commanding your morning

130) Purpose driven church

131) Walking in the word

132) Women on mission for God

133) The battle of life

134) Forgiveness

135) 201 facts that youth & singles need to know

136) Exposition on the book of James

137) Releasing the success within

138) Tough times never last but tough people do

139) Spread your faith

140) Practical arsenals and supernatural tech

141) Dealing with bad dreams and nightmares

142) Your best life now

143) Missions and you / Discipling the nations

144) Sending and supporting African missionaries

145) Enforce your destiny

146) The end time

147) Jesus the healer

148) The ministry of prayer

149) Victory in ministry

150) Practical Life of Dominion

151) Are you ready for His coming?

152) Why men suffer

153) The fundamental steps for success in marriage

154) God's smuggler to China

155) Praying and planting correct foundations in your building

156) Total deliverance of the body

157) Delivered from the power of darkness

158) How you can be a fruitful witness

159) The power of reflection

160) Ultimate Questions

161) Hide from fornication

162) Approach to academic success

163) Blessed with all blessings

164) Brotherly Relationship

165) Live for Christ

166) Maintaining Balance

167) Handling Academic failure

168) Look beyond school, you will soon become a graduate