Academic Unit

The Academic Unit of IVCU is responsible for ensuring that the academics of everyone ivcuites is in an excellent state. To achieve this purpose, the academic unit sometimes organise academic seminars. There is always Academic Sunday in every tenure where members of the house on First Class are awarded in a bid to encourage diligence among members of the house. It is also the duty of the unit through its members to encourage ivcuites to be diligent. The unit informs the house on the dates of general tests and exams. It is also the responsibility of the unit to keep and make past questions available to members of the house. The tutorial manager oversees the tutorials for 100level and direct entry students. The tutorials are usually organised by the academic unit of JPFH which is under the house academic unit. In addition to the above functions, the Unit also prays about the academics of the house. As Jesus is the anchor of our success. The unit is headed by the academic secretary.