Abadina Bible Study Fellowship

The Abadina Bible Study Fellowship (ABSF) is a unit in the Ibadan Varsity Christian Union, created as a result of the burden for building disciples in a large community comprising non-teaching staff of the University. This has been done through various bible studies with families that crave for a deeper walk with God.

Every week, separate studies are conducted with the children from these families; Adolescents and Elementary school children.

Strong relationships have also been built between the unit and families in the community through prayers, weekly visitations and special programs that reach out to a larger audience.

It is the utmost desire of the unit that more lives are brought under subjection to the Lord and thus, the gospel is preached in the community so that lost souls can come under the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

In order to ensure that the community receives directly from the Holy Spirit, the unit organises meetings among its members which include vigils, moments of prayer, Heart to Heart discussions, Word exposition and love feasts.

Vision for the tenure is The Wisdom of God (1Cor 1:24)