IVCU Medical & Dental Club

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IVCU Medical and Dental Club (IMDC), a family of all IVCU and even NON-IVCU Christian Medical and Dental students.
IMDC comprise 3 arms: Preclinical arm, Clinical arm, and the Doctors arm, all as one big family

Brief History

IMDC was formed by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit through brother (Now Doctor) Leye Babarinsa. The club was created to cater for the academics needs of medical students in IVCU and provide for their spiritual need.

Considering the bulkiness and rigor of medical school, medical students in IVCU and Christian outside, needs a family who can fully understand what they are going through, and this God's as being helping the house (IMDC) to achieve.

Through her prayer meeting; spiritual needs are met, through her academic tutorials; academic need are also met and through her family meetings; we are enlighten about what lies ahead (Being a Christian Doctor).

Through the help of God, Doctors who are becoming giant already had been raised and are still been raised.

Family Song

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IMDC family
a people united
together made for progress
producing excellence
working together
bunded by love

Power, Love and Sound Mind
We share the hope
We share His dream
Of making greater impact
Standing on His wisdom
As children of the light.

Our Vision

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2 Timothy 1 Vs 7 - For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.

Our Mission

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Through her Tutorials

Raise Doctors Who can through the help of the Holy Spirit, can competently care for a patient body, soul and spirit.

Through her Prayer Meetings

Raise doctors who can stand as a perfectly as an example of a believer without fear.