Nnamdi Azikwe Hall

As with all other halls of Residence in the University of Ibadan, The Ibadan Varsity Christian Union (IVCU) has deemed it fit to establish mini churches in all the halls. This was born out of the burden to ensure that members are kept in a close-knit fellowship with one another and with our Lord Jesus even at the hall levels.

At the Nnamdi Azikiwe Hall, the IVCU ZIK hall Church bears the oversight and takes care of members as regards spiritual, physical, psychological, academic Wellbeing etc. By this we ensure that members are in constant communion with God and also in fellowship with other brethren in the house of IVCU and in the faith generally. Also, we are concerned that members are doing well academically and also ensure that no member lacks as par welfare for any reason.

These we are able to accomplish, God helping us by constant visitation, as well as our weekly morning watches which holds every Tuesday by 5am at the Zik Hall cafeteria or the Quadrangle as the case may be owing to available options.